The Community Council of Zygi has created the “Donation’s Fund”, which is basically funded by the Cement Industry of Vasiliko.  The Donations Fund supports the Community Welfare Committee, which was established with the initiative of the Community Council and with the President of the Council as Chairman, having the in-house care of the community’s elderly as its purpose.  Also, the Donations Fund subsidises all the college/university students of the community.

The Zygi-Mari Youth centre was established in 1987.

It is housed in a building at the centre of the community, granted by the Land & Survey Department.  It has around 150 members -ages 13 to 35 years old.

The Youth Centre has a soccer team that participates in the AOKNEL federation’s championship and cup.  It also has two dance-groups comprised of fifty persons.  Every year it organises Christmas and Easter events as well as pool/snooker, backgammon, Ping-Pong, and bingo competitions.  It participates in blood donations, tree plantings, and cleaning campaigns and organises lectures about drugs and other subjects that concern the youth.  Furthermore it organises the annual community Ball, usually in the midst of summer.

Recently, through the funding of the Vasiliko Cement Industry, it has acquired a soccer field that has turf and will soon have lighting, bleachers, and locker rooms for the conduct of night-time games and tournaments.

The Youth Centre’s committee is made of 15 members with Mr. Christos Meliotes as Chairman, Mr. George Smoleskis as vice-chairman, Mrs. Andri Markou as Secretary, and Mr. Panagiotes Stylianides as Treasurer.

For information:

Tel: 24332602

Fax: 24332343

The community field of Zygi is an offer to the community by the Vasiliko Cement Industry.  Turf is being placed in the field and later on bleachers, modern locker rooms, and lighting will be created

The Cultural Association of Zygi has been established since 2006. A choir and several groups with special interests such as dancing, poetry, nature, the environment, painting, hagiographies and many others operate within the Association.

Additionally, several events are organised for various holidays and celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter, Green Monday and the Carnival.

The Association is administered by a committee of seven and its president is Mr Christos Constantinou.


Zygi Community Council