The Community Council of Zygi, in the context of its efforts for upgrading the quality of life in the community, has already delivered several infrastructure and beautification projects to the inhabitants.  In the context of its planning, it has already set into course a series of projects that aim to convert Zygi to a modern community.

Some of the projects already completed are:

  1. The Community Park of Zygi was completed, being adjacent to the see and including a playground for children, a kiosk, verdant areas, and a volleyball field.
  2. Three park at the centre of the community with benches and lighting.
  3. A new, bigger water tank was constructed at a higher point to cover the needs of the entire community.
  4. Areas with paving were created at the core of the community.
  5. The country church of “Agios Eraclidios” was reconditioned.
  6. Sidewalks were set in -almost -the entire community.
  7. Projects for the reduction of traffic were done around the primary school.
  8. Construction of new community buildings which include the community council’s offices, a meeting hall, a cultural events hall and a car park for the needs of the community.

Some of the big scheduled projects are:

  1. Creation of a tertiary waste process sewarage system. The water produced will be used for irrigational purposes.
  2. Construction of a heroes’ monument outside the old community buildings to honour the fallen of all the liberating fights of Cyprus and the Greek Nation in general (1821,1940,1955,1974). The construction cost will rise to approximately €70.000.
  3. Landscaping of the beach by creating greenery areas and pavements. This project will turn the beach front into a modern beach area. The cost will rise to €550.000.
  4. Creation of sanitary areas within the yard of the Church of Apostolos Varnavas.
  5. A Natural History and Marine Life Museum is planned to be created